Welcome to URUTESOL! We are the association of Teachers of English you can be proud of.


14th December 2020

Dear all,

This is my farewell message as President of URUTESOL for the 2019 – 2020 term. It has been an honour to have shared these two intense and very different years with all of you.

Among the many things we achieved, let me remind you of a few:
We created new bonds and strengthened existing ones, through monthly Professional Development sessions, at national and international events, our flagship since the association’s foundation back in 1988.
• Thanks to the above, we increased the number of members twofold.
We negotiated discounts and other benefits at various institutions in the field.
• We were present at almost all events carried out on behalf of our profession, not only in Montevideo.
We recovered and updated our webpage, where we can now share valuable information from other TESOL affiliates, and to which members can actively contribute their ideas.
• As far as social media are concerned, we increased our visibility in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others, and used them extensively to promote our activities.
We nominated one of our past presidents for an international award, and were really proud when he actually won it.
We recovered our membership to IATEFL, and can now have the best of both worlds with reference to professional development and opportunities.

Of course we were taken aback by the COVID-19 outbreak, which is still wreaking havoc in all aspects of life, and had to cancel our already planned and scheduled biennial convention, but instead, changing paradigms in an unprecedented way, we managed to keep up our standards and committedly provide support to our community, in the way of webinars, and Instagram Live broadcasts.

None of this would have been possible without your selfless contributions, the countless hours you all put in, the good vibes and positive energy you naturally irradiated to keep the gears of this association running, and your permanent support at every event we organised, always aligned with our mission and vision of bridging the gap and bringing together private and state schools.

If this situation has taught us something, it is that however challenging times may be, the only way to move forward is in unity as a community based on solidarity, respect and professionalism.

A new board will take office in a few days, bringing winds of change, and continuity to this noble enterprise. It is my wish that they outperform us, and make URUTESOL grow bigger and stronger, so it continues to be “the association of teachers of English to be proud of”.

Finally, alongside the usual season’s greetings of happiness and prosperity, let me wish you a healthy 2021, in the hope that we will soon be able to meet face to face again.

All the best,

Adriana Rodríguez Lamas
URUTESOL President 2019 – 2020